Saturday, 31 December 2011

Swept Away

To John from Anne,
Remembrances after seven years of madness….

Osaka, 1946

Swift flash of willow,
Streaking red scorches lush green –
Echoes of promise.

Unwavering oak,
To O’Riley’s sorcery –
Sunny ’thirty eight.

Glance or smile sweeps me,
     Offering arm or on-drives –
Charm wins over force.

Hand that wields the bat,
     On my cheek becomes caress –
Sweet young brimful amor.

Dreams of runs and tests,
Of Wedding bells in time near –
Bugles blare in space..

Almost in first side,
Among eleven best men –
British rank and file.

Skilful in defence,
To balls yes, but not bullets –
Young love sinks in blood.

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