Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blogito Ergo Sum - January 2012

How's That?

We decided to start the new year with an issue which would split through the covers and speed beyond the boundaries of thought.

All through last year, we kept an indulgent parental eye on the way our readers fielded our offerings.

And while random strokes of imagination were enthusiastically pursued around the green expanses of thought-scape, we found a preferred inclination to the glances towards the far pavilions.

The Far Pavilion section received most rousing hits, not surprising in that cricket and literature has often danced down the wicket together in fascinating partnerships.
Hence, as the new Edition of Scroll hits the stands  we invite you to the stands as well, to revel in the tales of flannels on the green…

After all, a spot of willow on a bit of leather is not a bad way to begin the new year.

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Arunabha Sengupta is the co-editor of Scroll and the author of three novels, the latest being The Best Seller

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